Do you want to display additional menu or product menu for your eCommerce site? You may have left it uncheck from Screen Options page. To make sure you display your product menu, you may refer to the steps below

Woocommerce – you will see additional items such as Products, Product Categories and Product Tags in the Edit Menus page

Step 1 Login to your WordPress control panel

Step 2 Go to Appearance > Menus > Screen Options. Please tick on the box for Products, Product Categories, and Product Tags.

Step 3 Under Edit Menus tab, you should see Products, Product Categories and Product Tags

Step 4 Choose which menu to add. In this tutorial, we will choose laptop and mobile phones. Tick on the laptop and mobile phones under Product Categories then click Add Menu. Items will be added under menu structure.

Step 5 Enter the desired menu name. In this case, we will name it Gadgets menu then we will add it in Primary Menu. Leave the default Menu Settings to Primary Menu. Click Save Menu.

Step 6 You should now be able to see Laptop and Mobile Phones in your primary menu.