Learn while you drive, that’s the aspect of podcasts that I really love. Driving to and from appointments is generally a complete waste of time. The options for making use of that slack time other than quiet contemplation are:

  1. listen to music
  2. listen to the radio
  3. listen to podcasts

It’s definitely not ok to be driving and reading emails, texting or watching videos but if I’m listening to a podcast that is giving me ideas to implement in our business or that I can share with our clients then it is not so much time wasted as time invested.

Here are the ecommerce related podcasts that I regularly listen to and recommend for owners of online stores and shopping cart websites.

eCommerceFuel Podcast

This would be my favourite ecommerce podcast currently, the guests are good, the format of the show is compact and its easy to follow the ideas presented.

eCommerceFuel podcast: ecommercefuel.com/category/podcast

Great past episodes:

Build My Online Store Podcast

Build My Online Store podcast: buildmyonlinestore.com/category/podcast

Interesting episodes from the podcast:

And there are two detailed blog posts that anyone who is thinking about manufacturing a product in China should read: China product part 1, China product part 2

The McMethod Email Marketing Podcast

The McMethod Email Marketing Podcast isn’t strictly speaking an eCommerce podcast but email marketing is quite a good way to increase sales for an online business and some of the interviews are about online store email marketing aspects.

McMethod Email Marketing podcast: themcmethod.com/category/podcast

Find podcasts that you enjoy and find informative

Open up itunes on your iphone and see what ecommerce podcasts and marketing podcasts you can find. You might not be a fan of the three i’ve picked above but there are more podcasts being created each month and there is bound to be something you will find informative and enjoyable to help you with your online store and marketing.

Have you got a favourite ecommerce podcast you regularly listen to? Let me know in the comments below.