With Visual Composer adding a background graphic to a row is a quite a simple process and can create visual interest in the content of a web page. Here are the steps on how to add texts on background image

Step 1 Login to WordPress control panel

Step 2 In this tutorial, we will create a new page. Go to Pages > Add New

Step 3 Click BACKEND EDITOR to switch to Visual Composer mode.

Step 4 Click Text block to enter a new column

Step 5 Click on the pencil icon to enter tbe text content

Step 6 Enter the desired text from Edit Text Block window then click Design options to add the background image.

Step 7 Click + (plus) sign to add the image. In this tutorial, we will select an image from the media gallery.  You may also upload an image from your computer

Step 8 Select the desired image then click Set Image

Step 9 In  the Design options tab, select Cover from the dropdown then click Save.

Step 10 Click Publish to view the changes online. You should now see some texts on your background image.