Simple slider is an add-on extension to Visual Composer. This will allow you to add an image slider in your WordPress site in an easy way. Please check this link to see the sample output of this add-on.

We created a simple tutorial for our Jezweb clients on how to use this plugin. See below.

1. Login to your WordPress site and create a new page. Write the title of your page and then click Add Element.

2. Look for Simple Slider, or you can just simply type “simple slider” keyword from the search box at the top right.

3. This will pop up the Simple Slider Settings window, just click on Add Slide

4. This time, we will add our first image in our slider. Click on Add image then upload your image.

5. Once the image is uploaded, this is how it should look like.

*To add an animation, just scroll down and go to Slide content animation.

6. Save the image for now and try to preview it online.

7. Now we will add our second image for the slider. To do that, go back to the editor and click on Edit Simple Slider, the pencil icon.

8. Click on Add Slide, then upload the second image.

9. Then preview your image slider online. The image now should slide one after the other, or you can click on the navigation arrow in the left or right section of your image.

How to add a button on your slider?

1. To add a clickable button on your image, just go to the Simple Slider Settings > Slide Content > Add Button

2. To align your button including the text at the center.