Media Grid allows you to display your images in a beautiful way or you can customise it if
you like. Here is a quick guide on how to add a media grid easily.

1. Add a new page/post. Write the tile and click on Add Element > Media Grid

2. Click on + button to add images.

3. Select the images that you like to add in your page and click on Add Images.

4. Under Media Grid Settings, you can customize the settings however for now we will just save changes to preview if our images will display.

5. Save your page/post and view it online.

Here is the default media grid display.

You can also change the number of grid elements per row. To do this, go back to page editor and click on “Edit Media Grid” pencil icon, then change Grid Elements per row.

Change Grid Elements per row to 6 rows, saved it and view it online.

You can also experiment the item design, this will give you a more customized options based from your needs. Below are some sample outputs.