While virtual gift certificates are great, they require the voucher be spent on the website which is not how most businesses with a physical presence operate. Business owners who want to sell gift certificates need them to be redeemable at a physical location for a product or service. PDF Product Vouchers can be used to sell downloadable PDF vouchers for products and services such as tours, events, classes, and lessons.

WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers lets the shopping cart take payment online and the business can provide a good or service at a later date via the website or in person. Product vouchers also make an attractive gift for customers to purchase for their friends and family, and can be personalised with a recipient name and message.

How can PDF Vouchers benefit a business?

  • Customize and sell downloadable PDF vouchers for products or services
  • Create printable gift certificates with variable amounts by using the Name Your Price extension
  • Streamline sales of gift vouchers with the shopping cart rather than manually creating them
  • Create optional fields, including product name, SKU, expiration date, and more
  • Optionally add alternative voucher background images for customers to select
  • Allow customers to personalize vouchers with an optional recipient name / message
  • Manage vouchers from the admin dashboard and mark them as redeemed once the customer spends

Online payment via your shopping cart to create a gift voucher that can be used in your offline store

If you had an online gift voucher that could only be used for items that will be downloaded or shipped it limits their usefulness and can upset customers when they realise they couldn’t redeem them in-store. Printable vouchers solve this problem by allow you to accept payment online (streamlining the way you get paid) while you still deliver goods or services in person. So whether you are selling helicopter tours or cooking lessons this printable type of voucher will not only work neatly for you as the business owner but it will make sense to the buyer because it is what they are used to when dealing with gift vouchers from big department stores. Customers print the voucher and bring it with them to redeem their purchase or they give it to someone as a gift and that person can use it.

Would you like your customers to specify their gift voucher value or pick from a set of voucher prices?

You can specific set gift voucher prices if you like so that you have control over how much the gift vouchers are for which can be to your advantage if it helps cause an up-sell or extra spend. However, if you would like customers to specific their own gift voucher amounts then the PDF Product Vouchers works with the Name Your Price extension so that rather than having fixed voucher amounts you can allow customers to type in a value for their voucher.

Customise your gift voucher to match your branding

Voucher creation and customisation is done via the admin interface. An image can be uploaded to serve as the voucher background, a font, size and colour selected and the voucher editing tool makes it fairly simple to lay out your voucher fields using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Personalised gift voucher graphic and text

You can optionally give your customers the opportunity to personalise their vouchers when purchasing to create attractive and unique gifts by selecting from one or more alternative voucher backgrounds, and adding a recipient name and/or message. This is done at the time of purchase with a few simple selections.

Gift Voucher Order Management

You can view and manage vouchers from the WordPress admin dashboard. Once the voucher is spent you can mark them as redeemed so you know when a voucher was used. This gives you an easy record for whether you have vouchers still outstanding and to whom they were issued.

Strategy for Pricing Gift Vouchers

An advantage of specifying the amounts you want to sell vouchers for is that you can set values that you know are likely to result in an up-sell where the buyer will top up the value with more cash or not spend the entire amount.

Work out your average order size – let’s say its $85. Create a gift voucher for a higher amount, for example $100. Create a new product which is slightly above average order size but less than the gift voucher amount, for example a product priced at $90. If you want to make it more likely that the customer will buy the product then pick a product that you can put on sale, for example, mark down the price from $125 to $90 or $95 but ensure that you still make a profit even with the discount.

This way you are giving a price signal to the customer that it is great value (which you make sure it is otherwise it defeats the purpose and your integrity) but either they will not spend the last 10% of their voucher or they will feel good about their spendthrift shopping skills and buy something extra. Since gift vouchers are often given literally as a ‘gift’ the person spending the voucher will have a greater inclination to spend extra anyway since they didn’t pay for the original voucher.

With this strategy what you’re doing is that you have been paid in advance, customers are pleased about getting a good discount and may spend extra on the first occasion or will do in the future to deplete their comparatively small (compared to the extra spend) credit balance.