Do you like to add twitter feeds on your site using a plugin? here is how to do it.

Step 1 Login to your WordPress control panel

Step 2 On the side bar, click Plugins > Add New

Step 3 In the Search box, type Easy Twitter Feed Widget then click Search Plugins.

Step 4 Find the Easy Twitter Feed Widget Plugin and click Install Now. If prompted with a confirmation dialog window, just click OK. You will get a Successfully installed the plugin Easy Twitter Feed Widget Plugin 0.2 message. Click on Activate Plugin so you can use it on your site.

Step 5 go to Appearance > Widget > Easy Twitter Feed Widget (Primary is highlighted by default) > Add Widget. In this tutorial, we will be adding the feed on the primary sidebar of your website.

Step 6 On the Widgets page, click on the dropdown arrow beside Primary and it will show you the Easy Twitter Feed Widget settings. Please make sure to update the Twitter Screen Name to your Twitter username so it will display your own twitter feed. You can customize other fields as necessary like Title, Tweet Limit, Show Replies, etc.

Step 7 Click Save once desired settings have been set. You can now view the twitter feed on your site. You can also use other plugin as desired.