If you would like to jump in and setup a free trial it would be great if you can use our link: www.shopify.com/?ref=jezweb so that we are able to assist you more easily in the future, plus we can provide some bonuses such as domain renewal and email hosting for you as one of our shopify affiliates which we would normally charge separately for to shopping cart clients.

Shopify allows you to have an off-the-shelf template or a completely custom design

There are a wide variety of designs in the theme store

You can do a lot to update your own site if you want to or have a content manager, staff member or search optimisation provider do the same.

For example, you have blogging, which is for adding pages that are topical and outside the usual structure of your website pages that people navigate to.

About blog posts

Adding a blog post, includes a video

Pages are usually links on your main navigation bar. These are the other ‘cms’ content management aspect apart from blogging and the store are the ‘pages’ which are covered in some detail

These ‘pages’ are usually where you put important information that doesn’t change to often like terms and conditions, service details, options available for your clients generally, testimonials and other text, images, videos and documents.

Adding a page is good for new sections but you can change pages too which you can see here

As you can see from this adding images
is pretty similar to other content management systems in the way pages are managed.

Pages can be added or deleted fairly easily

Once you created a new page you might want to add it to the website menu
Plus you can change the menu links to your product categories and more as you will see in the training video.

Shopify has a fixed month fee and a percentage of sales approach.
For a small business turning over under $1000 per week you are looking at fees of $29 + 2% of transactions on top of your credit card merchant fees. So the effective net cost is probably in the realm of 5% of the cost of sales. There are higher monthly plans available which have reduced percentage fees for stores that have higher volumes of sales.

Pricing info on shopify is here:

14 day free trial, plus option for complimentary domain renewal, dns and email hosting with Jezweb
If you would like to setup a 14 day free trial I would be delighted for you to use our affiliate link: www.shopify.com/?ref=jezweb and if you do that and you go ahead with setting up a paid store then we are able to provide complimentary domain name renewal and email hosting so that you are not paying additional hosting fees.

To take advantage of this offer, once you have setup a paid shopify account and you appear in our affiliate panel and you intend on keeping your store running then we are happy to provide ongoing domain renewal, dns and email hosting. Please contact Jeremy on 0411 056 876 if you would like assistance with this.