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Snip.ly  allows one to “snip” content from any web page, select an image, comment on, and share only the snippet one finds interesting. Advantages that you can get from this tool are the following:

Drive Traffic
-Include a link back to your own website with every page you share.

Capture Leads
-Convert followers into users and customers through the content you share.

Get Signups
-Grow your mailing list and subscribers as you share relevant articles.

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to snip.ly and start by entering the URL of a page you’d like to snip. Then click on the snip button. Note that this could be any website on the internet. This will give you the advantage to link back to your own website.

2. You will see different action types like Link, Button, Form, and image. In this tutorial we will use http://www.gamesradar.com  for page URL and we will use “http://www.jezweb.com.au” to link back when someone clicks on the button. Click create button to proceed.

3. Copy the shortlink now and you can share it to your social networks or to any blog sites.

Anyone who visits your snipped content by clicking on the button will be re-directed to your website.

The simplicity of Snip.ly alone makes it a site you’ll definitely want to check out.  So get to snipping!