Setting up an Out of Office Autoresponder Vacation message so that people will know when you are away is a simple way to inform people when their message has arrived and that you will get back to them soon.

The auto responder settings in Microsoft outlook only work if you are connected to a Microsoft exchange server, which is not usually the case and you would probably know if you were setup that way.

Example use of a vacation message

This function allows you to set up a response to email messages, similar to ‘vacation’ messages. You can use this to explain to your correspondents that you will reply when you return to your desk etc. Email received is still stored or forwarded to your account.

An example of an auto-response email could read like this: “Thank you for your email. I am currently on leave and will be back in the office in a week. If this is an urgent matter, please call the office and discuss it with one of my colleagues. If not, I will respond when I return. Thanks again.”

Login to the webmail and go to the settings

If you are using webmail at or at something like then you can setup an autoresponder by logging into the webmail and clicking into the settings at the top right of the webmail window.

For a detailed guide on all of the webmail functions, download this pdf on webmail.