Setting up your email account on your computer, phone, tablet or laptop can be done quite quickly. Detailed instructions are included below but if you have any difficulties with configuration please contact us for assistance.

Mozilla Thunderbird Email: A good, free, email program with no ads is mozilla thunderbird, if you are used to using outlook or outlook express then its pretty similar to that. Download it here:

Remote Desktop Support: For remote desktop support install logmein from here or google chrome desktop share, you will need google chrome.

If the above settings don’t work then try using the incoming mail server as: and outgoing server as: For a guide on using these settings see the following.

iPhone iOS7 (iPhone 4 or 5) – or printable PDF

We have email setup guides for all the main applications that people use for their email checking, if there is another program you use then the general settings should work or we can create a guide specific to your requirements. These links all point to word documents in dropbox, you can preview the document or download and print. There are two main email configuration types, IMAP and POP, if you use IMAP then all the messages will stay stored on the server and if you have multiple devices then they will all be accessing the one set of emails, no duplication, so if the email is deleted on one device it will be gone on all the others. The other type which is more commonly used is POP, for this email setting type a copy of the messages is downloaded to the computer or device you are working on, typically they are deleted from the server once they are downloaded to your computer. We usually recommend IMAP if you are planning on using an iphone in conjunction with another device like a computer or laptop.