It is a common mistake to set up Pinterest as a personal account instead of a business account for your company. Maybe you set up a Pinterest account before they introduced business accounts, either way, you can easily convert your account or create a new one.

Users who set up their Pinterest accounts representing their business a few years ago were tasked with creatively squeezing their business name into the first and last name boxes. With a business account, now you can add your company name as it truly is. For accounts that are converting, the URL will not change.

Some users have business boards on their personal accounts, and vice versa. It is a good idea to keep your personal Pinterest account separate from you business account. If you created your Pinterest account and you are not happy with it, you can make a new one. Maybe the Pinterest URL doesn’t represent your company as it is now. Maybe you used your name in the URL.  Visit Pinterest for Business if you need to claim your true business name and create a new business account. If you are happy with your URL, continue reading.

Pinterest New Terms of Service for a Business Account

You will need to accept Pinterests’ Business Terms of Service. There are a few new perks with the Business Account that make clicking that accept button easy. Pinterest joined the Web Analytics revolution, and offer an easy to use one page analytics solution to track your pin activity.

Pinterest for Local SEO

Pinterest for Business now comes with an interesting local SEO opportunity. Last year Pinterest added the ability to Pin your Place on the map. The Places Pin functionality is available on most Internet devices and is powered by Foursquare; the map search and directions feature work in partnership with Google Places for Business. The ability to create a Pinterest board into an interactive map can encourage users to participate with their own photo’s of your business. Make a map of your local area of Pins that interest you. Let the local SEO and  tagging love begin.

You can join in Pinterest’s exclusive features just for Businesses.  Their main goal is in helping you expand your business reach by understanding your Pinterest Audience. You can join the Pinterest Business Page where users have access to educational resources, case studies and access to upcoming features.

How to Convert your Pinterest Account to a Business Account

So if you are ready to convert your Pinterst account to a business account, let’s start.

Go to Pinterest Business to log in.

Pinterest Convert Account


Pinterest will guide you through the ‘Business Types’ that are most appropriate for you.

Pinterset Convert Personal Account to Business Account

‘Contact Name’ is not shown to the public.

Email address: Use company email address.

Pinterest Account Conversion

Describe your company in the About box using all the appropriate keywords you can think of.

Tip for later: Try to incorporate keywords for your Company in everything you do on Pinterest. You can add them to in all types of descriptions, on the board titles, etc if it makes sense to do so. You don’t want to be too repetitive, but you can use what is called, “latent semantic indexing” which is a technical way of saying dust that thesaurus off and crack it open.

At some point, you will need to verify your website. In a nutshell, this feature lets you highlight your full website URL. When you have successfully verified your website, you will see a checkmark next to your domain in search results and on your profile.

 Verify Your Website Ownership

The feature is straightforward, however, the process can sound a little intimidating if you are shy of anything other than a browser. You will need to upload this file to your server. You can use your CPANEL, a free FTP software like Filezilla, an ftp browser plugin, or run for your nearest office techie. Filezilla works on all systems, Windows, Mac and Linux. If you are adventurous, it really IS simple. Install the FTP software, if you don’t have it installed.

In case you have logged out, you can log back in or continue.

Log in to your Pinterest account, and go to ‘Settings.’

Note that Pinterest only supports verification for top-level domains, like,, or

Pinterest Verify Website

Click the bold ‘Download the HTML verification file’ to download the file, which will take you to a confirmation screen.

Download HTML file to Verify

When you click ‘Go to Pinterest,’ you’ll end up back on the ‘Download HTML verification file’ screen and may continue on to the next step from there.

Go to Pinterest

Upload Verification File

Here is where we will use FileZilla. You need to upload the verification file you that you just downloaded from Pinterest.

** If for some reason you cannot get past this screen, contact Jezweb and we will help you get it uploaded.

Be sure not to upload the file to a subfolder, or Pinterest won’t be able to find it. You should upload it to the root.  If you are having trouble at this point, and you are lucky to have an office techie,  he or she will be able to do this in a matter of seconds. If not, call us, we can upload it for you.

Complete your New Business Account

Complete the process by clicking the bold ‘Click here’ text you see on the verification screen.

Pinterest Places Pin

Pinterest will then check your website for the HTML file you uploaded and verify it. You will see a success message once the process has completed.

Congratulations! Your Pinterest Business Page header will now contain your website link with a Google Places marker.