Would you like to display your facebook album on your WordPress site? Here are simple ways to do it using facebook Galleria, a third party software where you can link your facebook profile and generate codes that you can use to embed to your WordPress site.

Facebook Account
Facebook Galleria Account or you can use the trial page http://facebookgalleria.com/

Step 1 Login to facebook galleria. Enter your FB Page ID or username
Under Custom Options . Click Connect with Facebook button. You will be
redirected with a confirmation page from FB Galleria

Step 2 Click on Okay to allow FB Galleria to receive your facebook info:
public profile, friend list, photos and videos

Step 3 You will redirected back to facebook Galleria page. Click Generate Code

Step 4 You can view the HTML code at the botton of the page. Click Copy Code

Step 5 Login to your WordPress control panel. In this case, we will create a new page and paste the code. Go to Pages > Add New > Text tab and paste the code

Step 6 Click Preview to check if it displays properly on your page. You
can then click Publish to add your facebook photo gallery to your site