Do you want to add social media icons to your site’s header? So when users visit your site, they can just click on it and it will go directly to your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. It can be done using a plugin called Canvas Advanced Addons.

Canvas theme
Canvas Advanced Addons

note: Canvas Addon plugin must be manually installed since it is not yet available in plugin search option from WordPress plugin page

Step 1 Download the Canvas Advanced Addons plugin to your computer’s local drive. Click here to download the plugin

Step 2 Login to WordPress control panel

Step 3 Go to Plugins > Add New

Step 4 Click Upload

Step 5 Click Choose File and locate the plugin that you downloaded earlier. Once you found the canvas file, click Open.

Step 6 Click Install Now

Step 7 Click Activate Plugin so we can start using Canvas Addon settings.

Step 8 We will configure the social media icons and corresponding links. Go to Canvas > Theme Options

Step 9 Under Canvas Theme page, click Subscribe & Connect then click Connect

Step 10  In this tutorial, we will use Twitter, Facebook and Youtube icons to display in the header. Paste your social media account links on the corresponding boxes. Click Save All Changes

Step 11 We will now enable the icons to display in your site’s header. From the Canvas theme page, go to Advanced Settings

Step 12 Tick the box under Add Social Icons To Header and click Save All Changes

Step 13 Go to your online site and see social media icons on your header for Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

Here is a video tutorial on how to add social media icons on your website header