Booking Calendar Pro is a great wordpress plugin for accommodation booking which we have been able to get working for a couple of accommodation websites that required a standalone solution that doesn’t integrate with booking aggregation sites.

It’s quite simple, easy to use and can be managed from within the WordPress admin area.

Booking Calendar Pro General Settings

Setup room availability

Morning checkout option

Hourly booking slots

Using Booking Systems Pro

How to set different pricing for a week vs weekend

Here is a demo of the way you split a week or whatever days you want into a certain pricing. Basically you click the start and then the finish day of when you want to assign a certain pricing and then put the price in and submit. That creates a pricing segment and availability for those days.

It could be used for events or accommodation

If you need a booking system connected to your wordpress website for accommodation or functions or events or other situations where you want people to book online the Booking System Pro plugin could be a sensible choice.

For once of event ticketing we tend to use gravity forms though since its simpler. There are other event specific sales plugins available which go beyond what this plugin does too.

To take credit card payments you can use paypal for visa payments unless you want to handle payment offline with over the phone EFT.