Product Name and Description

In the Products menu click Add Product and type in the product title and description.

Pricing and Measurements

Under the main dialog box is the Product Type panel.

Required Product Details

  • Regular Price – The item’s main price.
  • Tax: Set to Taxable and Standard.


Usually this will appear next to the product image on the category page; optional.

Product Categories

On the right hand side of the Add New Product panel you will see your product categories in which you can place your product.

Product Tags

Add product tags that are representative keywords for your products.

How to use Product Categories and Tags

For example, you might have 10 product categories in your store for type of product, eg. bathroom, kitchen, dining, garage. You don’t want to have a huge list of categories though so you can add product tags to make it easy to filter and find products based on other features. For example, a dishwasher could be in the kitchen category and have tags for appliance, cleaning, dishwasher, dishes. Try to pick tag keywords that you think your customers would want to locate a product by.

Adding a Featured Image

The featured post image is the main image for your product. It is the image which will be displayed within your product category view and it is the first photo viewed on your product details page.

Adding Product Image Galleries

Product galleries are used to show extra views or aspects of a product on the product detail page.

Change the Order of Images in Product Galleries

Images in the product gallery can be re-ordered easily via drag and drop. Simply re-order your images by moving them around.

To remove an image from the product gallery, hover over the image and click on the red “x”.