Google+ Local pages for businesses are an excellent marketing tool. Formerly Google Places, Google+ pages for businesses are an infusion of search and social media. That is, Google+ Local pages are integrated in the social media platform (Google+) as well as the Google search engine results.

How to find Google+ pages that are already setup

Any businesses that have listings in the yellowpages are likely to have a Google+ page already setup because Google scraped all the business data from the yellow pages and added it to the Google Maps/Places/Local/Plus systems.

If you have a business in Australia, visit this link:

Put your business name into the search box and press enter.

If you get more than one result then either you have multiple Google+ pages which is not a good idea or you have put in keywords which are shared with other businesses in Australia.

Get an edge over your competitors in local search

Google+ Local gives small businesses a real opportunity to be found alongside their major competitors. If you are a business that relies on a local audience you can benefit from having a well optimised, interesting profile that has reviews from real customers. Google+ Local pages will help you:

  • list your businesses on the front page of search results in your city or region
  • shows where your business is positioned on Google Maps
  • provides contact details, directions, opening hours, photos etc
  • lists authentic customer reviews and ratings
  • be found prominently on nearby mobile phone Google searches

Much like the optimisation of your own website a well optimised Google+ Local page will make it easier for potential clients to find you in a Google search. Making use of keywords specific to your business and having a well written and fully completed Google+ Local profile are fundamental to listing priority.

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Example of a single Google+ page in the local search

Comparing Facebook to Google+

People look for service providers in their region

Local SEO (or Geo-targeted SEO), is search optimisation intended to show your website prominently for people looking for a local service provider. Locally focused search queries typically have a geo-modifier, such as adding a city, region or state to the phrase, like “playground construction Newcastle” or “Belmont radiators”. The intention of the person searching is to locate a business that is nearby.

Optimising your Google+ Local Places page

The on-page content of your Google+ Local Places page is the key to getting better ranking for locally related searches. Ensure that your Google+ page includes keywords that match the services you provide, and that your page is classified under categories that most closely represent what you do. Improving your Google+ page should include:

  • citations with Name, Address and Phone [NAP] – on Google+, your website and other business directories which are consistent and accurate
  • images and videos that can be added to your Google+ page
  • the quality and amount of reviews on Google+ and other review sites
  • text such as the title and description of your business
  • verifying the connection between Google+ and your website

Verifying your email and website connected to Google+

Verifying your businesses email and website on Google+ establishes credibility for your potential customers and assures the search engines that you are well optimised.

When you are on the About page of your Google+ listing there is a link to edit details or you can manage the listing which gives you full control over the listing as the business owner.