Looking forward to finding a use for this in the future. Maybe there will be a requirement to have a pdf output of a website form, a printable page like a concert ticket or a venue hire agreement or something interesting like that.

Here’s what the plugin for Gravity Forms (wordpress plugin) is described as:

Gravity Forms PDF Extended is a plugin for WordPress and Gravity Forms that allows your web server to create PDFs when a user submits a Gravity Form. Not only that, you can then easily attach the document to an email.


At its core the plugin uses the power of the DOMPDF library to convert HTML and CSS into PDFs.

Features of the Gravity Forms PDF maker plugin

  • Save PDF File on user submission of a Gravity Form so it can be attached to a notification
  • Customise the PDF template without affecting the core Gravity Form Plugin
  • Multiple PDF Templates
  • Custom PDF Name
  • Output individual form fields in the template – like MERGETAGS.
  • View and download a PDF via the administrator interface
  • Simple function to output PDF via template / plugin
  • Works with Gravity Forms Signature Add-On
  • Installs a sample form using the new MERGETAGS-style template to help customisation