Downloading and sharing PDF files over the Internet is a very common everyday task nowadays. Here is a quick tutorial on how to create buttons that link to a PDF file.

1. Go to your WP Dashboard and upload your PDF file. You can do this by going to Media > Add New.

2. Click on “Select Files” button and locate your PDF file, then click open to upload it. Once uploaded, click the “edit” hyperlink.

3. Copy the File URL or you can paste it on a notepad.

4. Create a new page or go to your existing page. Click on Backend Editor > Add Element > Button.

5. Under Edit button box, you can change the “Text on the button” to something descriptive like “View PDF”. The URL (Link) is the File URL that we had copied in step 4. You may also like to change the color and the button icon.

6. Publish or update the page and view it on a new browser. Please note that clicking that button in Chrome browser will display the PDF file within your Chrome browser, however clicking that button using Firefox browser will allow you to download the PDF file and you can view it once it is already downloaded.

Please check the video instructions below on how to do the steps above.