Wondering what you can do to make the website better? You can help your web designer get into the head of your business, thoroughly explain what happens from customer enquiry to finished sale. Gathering information, content and ideas that you can provide your web designer which will help make your website great.

As an example of why this is important. If your web designer is creating the homepage for your website and doesn’t know how many product categories you have or what you want to highlight as a featured project then how will they know to create a 4 column picture navigation row for your products or to include a section for a customer testimonial or project? It’s really difficult to design boxes, buttons, graphics and sections of web pages when there is no clear guidance on the headings, text and messages that are to be conveyed.

Photos can be reframed and edited, video can be sliced, audio can be transcribed and text can be rewritten. If you are able to supply a variety of information that can be used on your website then your web designer will be able to turn it into the elements of your web pages.

Our top examples of how to prepare for your website build:

  • Video clips of your staff, business, processes and more, show the experience of being in your business via a video clip
  • Audio (can be captured as video) explaining your business, benefits of working with you, what makes your business special for the client
  • Clear list of benefits and reasons that your business is a brilliant choice for a potential customer
  • List of concerns that clients have (may be complaints about competitors or similar firms) which you seek to solve for them
  • Tell a story of a day in the life of a potential customer that visits your business, gets a quote, goes ahead with a purchase, in text or as audio
  • Professional photos, of team, product, places, customers, location
  • Powerpoint presentations that explain features, products, demonstrate services
  • Other graphics that you want to use or brochures, news clippings etc
  • Requirements and must haves for your website
  • Sample blog posts
  • Written testimonials, photos with happy clients, video testimonials
  • Describe what it feels like to be a client at the end of a successful project or purchase
  • Your 10 best photos
  • Captions for your photos, can be title/subtitle
  • Name all of your photos with your keywords and describe what the photo is, eg. Don’t give us photos that are called like IMG00573.JPG, make the file called like, something-service-product-keyword-experience.jpg etc make them descriptive, no more than 200 characters long though (ie no more than about 1 sentence)
  • Something special to give away, a special offer, a deal, something that can be promoted for you that will encourage people to fill in an enquiry form

Even if you can manage to organise a small selection of the above then your website will turn out much better.