hyperlink_icon-300x222Hyperlinks are the backbone of webpage design. It wouldn’t be a web page without a hyperlink – otherwise, it’s just like the pages of an ordinary paper – flat and non-interactive. What is particularly nice about hyperlinks in website design is that they allow you to introduce material that is relevant to the  place where you insert the hyperlink but which is potentially a diversion to the reader from the main flow of ideas.

Here are the steps:

1. In our tutorial we will create two pages and we will link one page to another and vice versa.  We name the pages as “Home” and “Tutorial“.

2. Once the two pages are created, you need to write down the URL of these pages. Please note that the page / site must be accessible online. Now, since our pages are already added in the menu, all we need to do is to get the URLs of those pages. You can easily do this when you right click the button and click on “Copy Link Location” then paste it in a notepad. I am using Firefox browser, you should see similar option if you are using other browsers.

3. Once you had the URLs go to their respective pages and put the hyperlink. Select the text where you want to add the link and click on the small chain button then paste the URLs. Do the same process in the other page.

Note: If you will check the checkbox ” Open link in a new window/tab“, obviously when someone click on that link it will open on a new tab window. We will just uncheck it for now.

4. Save it and view it online.

Below is a short video tutorial that will show you on how to put hyperlinks between pages.