If you have some texts and you want to neatly place an image to the side of that texts without them overlapping or wrapping around the top or bottom if the image then a two column layout in Visual Composer is a handy way to achieve it.

Step 1 Login to WordPress control panel

Step 2 In this tutorial, we will add a new page to show the two column layout.  Go to Pages > Add New

Step 3 Enter the page title and click BACKEND EDITOR to display Visual Composer

Step 4 Click Text block to display it. New text block will display with the column layout tabs

Step 5 Hover your mouse on the column layout and select 1/2+ 1/2

Step 6 Two column layout will be displayed. Text block on the left and an empty column on the right. In this case, we will add an image on the right empty column. Click on the + (plus) sign.

Step 7 We will use the single image element of Visual Composer to add an image. Click Single Image.

Step 8 In the Edit Single Image window, click the + (plus) sign to add the image.

Step 9 In this case, we will use the existing image in the Media Library. Click on the desired image then click Set Image.

Step 10 Click Save from the Edit Single Image window

Step 11 You have now a two column layout in Visual Composer. You can also drag the modules on the desired column.