Would you like to remove widget footer content from the home page of your site? Here are some CSS tweaks on how to do it.

Canvas theme
Canvas Child theme

Step 1 Login to WordPress control panel

Step 2 Provided that you have already uploaded a Canvas Child folder containing style.css and functions.php files in the themes folder using FTP. Go to Appearance > Editor

Step 3 Enter the following codes in Canvas Child style.css file.

Theme Name: Canvas Child
Version: 1.0
Description: Child theme for the Canvas theme
Author: Jezweb
Author URI: http://www.jezweb.com.au/
Template: canvas

@import url(“../canvas/style.css”);

.home #footer-widgets {
display: none;

note: We are using a Canvas child theme so that your CSS settings will not be changed if there is an update with the main canvas theme.

Step 4 Click Update File and go to your online site. Widget footer is no longer visible on your home page