Do you want to hide the page title such as Home, About and Contact Us from your page? It can be done using a simple CSS tweaks in Canvas Child theme. Please refer to the steps below

Canvas theme
Canvas child theme

Step 1 Login to your WordPress control panel

Step 2 Provided that you have already uploaded a Canvas Child folder containing style.css and functions.php files in the themes folder using FTP. Go to Appearance > Editor

Step 3 Enter the following codes in style.css file

Theme Name: Canvas Child
Theme URI:
Description: Child theme for the Canvas theme
Author: Jezweb
Author URI:
Template: canvas
Version: 0.1.0

@import url(“../canvas/style.css”);

.page .title {
display: none;

note: We are using a Canvas child theme so that your CSS settings will not be changed if there is an update with the main canvas theme.

Step 4 Click Update File and go to your online site. You should no longer see the Title Page e.g Home