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The general process which works well is:

– install and run malwarebytes, clean and reboot –

If there are still weird things like toolbars happening to your search engine or homepage then

– install and run ccleaner –

– install, run and clean with Adwcleaner –

– install, run and clean with HitmanPro

HitmanPro (32bit) – Direct download link
HitmanPro (64bit) – Direct download link

and then run Adwcleaner again and if you do a final scan with malwarebytes and its all good, then make sure your browser is up to date and that windows updates are done and ideally either subscribe to the pro version of malwarebytes or get a good security software like trendmicro or similar installed.

Malware Removal Software Downloads

Beware, some malware will redirect when you browse to sites like this, so if in doubt download these on a clean computer and transfer via a usb stick.





Junkware Removal Tool


Malwarebytes Rootkit

If you can’t clean it off with a combination of those then its probably time for replacement of operating system.