Do you want to hide or show other plugin fields and settings when making changes to your article or page? There are two ways to do it.

note: You should have WordPress SEO plugin installed so you can follow the steps

Option 1 Temporarily collapse the fields by clicking the arrowup/dropdown menu.

Step 1 Login to your WordPress control panel

Step 2 In this tutorial, we will hide the fields when Adding a new Article. On the side bar, click Articles > Add Article

Step 3 Click the arrow up menu from the side of WordPress SEO window.

Step 4 We have just hide the WordPress SEO and other fields in the Add Article page.

Option 2 Completely hide the fields using the screen options menu

Step 1 Assuming that you are already in the Add Article page. Click on Screen Options on the upper right corner of the page. This will display the Show on screen menu.

Step 2 In this case, we would like to completely hide the fields of WordPress SEO and Authorsure Settings in the Add Article page. Uncheck the WordPress SEO and AuthorSure Settings checkbox.

Step 3 Scrolldown the page. You have just hidden the SEO and AuthorSure fields from Add Article page. You can also hide the other fields that you like to hide.