Sometimes we need to hide page elements like header, primary navigation or footer especially when creating sales page or landing pages.

In this tutorial we will use a plugin called Page Element Hider. This plugin allows you to hide various elements on a page by page basis, by integrating with Canvas Settings on every page. No more messy CSS code for hiding things page by page.

Here are some page elements that we can hide using Hide Canvas Elements:

Hide top nav checkbox
Hide logo/strapline checkbox
Hide header widget area checkbox
Hide page title
Hide primary navigation checkbox
Hide breadcrumbs checkbox
Hide footer widget areas checkbox
Hide footer

Please note that this is a paid plugin and it’s already pre-installed to all Jezweb clients admin dashboard for Free, otherwise contact Jezweb support and we will install this for you.

Okay, we’ll go ahead and test this plugin:

1. Login to your WP Dashboard.

2. Go to Plugins > Add New and install the plugin.

3. Once the plugin is installed, create a new page or go to an existing page. Scroll down right below the editor window  and you should notice a series of check boxes where you can tick. You can tick on any of the box to enable it and hide the page element when viewed online.

4. Let’s say  for example we will tick Hide Primary nav and Hide Footer. Publish or update the page and view it online. You should notice that the primary navigation will disappear as well as the footer.

Here’s a short video tutorial that demonstrates this process.