Integrating videos in our website from Youtube is one of the coolest way we can present ideas in more fast and accurate way regardless of whatever things we want to relay to our website visitor. Youtube by default however shows related video links at the end of the video playback and this is not good to look at specially to your site. Here is a short instruction on how to remove related videos from showing to your youtube video before integrating them into your website.

1.  Go to and search your video.

2. Scroll down below your video and click on Share > Embed. Make sure to uncheck the checkbox that says “Show suggested videos when the video finishes“. Noticed that when you check it, Youtube automatically add a bit of code to the src part of the code “?rel=0“, this means that it should remove the suggested videos at the end.

3. Specify the video size that you want and copy  the embed codes by pressing Crtl + C.

4. Now login to your WP Dashboard, go to your existing page or create a new page, then paste the codes in the text editor under “text” window.

5. Publish / update the page and view it online. Drag the playback button nearest to the end part of the video and it should not display the related videos.

Here is a short video tutorial on how to embed Youtube and remove related videos.