SlideShare is otherwise called as“YouTube for PowerPoint presentations” allowing anyone to integrate and share presentations anywhere on the web.  Here is a quick way on how to upload your powerpoint file and embed it as slideshare into your website.

1. Login to

2. Once you are inside the slideshare admin, click on the arrow beside your profile image and click “My Upload“. If you haven’t uploaded one yet, just click on “Upload” button to upload your powerpoint file.

3. Once your powerpoint file is uploaded, type the title and specify the correct category. Click “Save & Continue” and then click on “View Presentation” to view the uploaded presentation.

4. Click the embed button on the top and click on copy button to copy the “iframe” code.

5. Login to your WP dashboard. Create a new page or open your existing page.  Add a new element, choose Text Block. Click on Text tab and paste the codes. Publish / update the page and view it online.

Here is a short video tutorial on how to do the steps above.