Updating the homepage of your website is really quite simple. The homepage of your website is typically the most frequently visited of all your websites pages so it is a great place to put your most important customer benefits, latest news and essential offers.

Login to the administrator area

To find the admin login page you type in your website address into the address bar of your web browser and put /wp-admin or /admin on the end of it. eg


Return to the website homepage

You can click on the link on the top left where your website name is or type your website address into the address bar, whatever method you use to get back to the homepage will do.

Click the Edit Page link

Once you browse to the homepage of your website you will see a new black bar across the top of the screen which has links to administration pages and the Edit Page link, click that.

Yellow Pencil: Click to edit

As you hover your mouse over the text boxes on the page you will see a yellow pencil icon appear on the top right of the content block. To edit that text content block click on the yellow pencil.

Enter your text changes

On the popup window type in your new text and details. If you want to see the extra formatting options click on the kitchen sink icon which has all the little squares on it on the top right of the text area toolbar.

Save your text changes

Once you are done typing click on the Save button at the bottom of the editor window.

Preview changes

If you are not sure you want to commit the edits to the live site then click on the Preview button. When you do this another tab will open in your browser showing you what the page will look like when you save the changes. If you are happy with how the preview looks then close the preview tab so that you return to the editing page. This is really important because if you stay on the preview page and then go back to the editing page from there you will end up with two copies of it open and get confused.

Update to save changes

Once you are ready to make the changes live click on the update button to commit the changes to the database.

View the live page

A quick way to get back to the page you have just edited is to click on the View Page button.

Thats it

You’ve just updated your homepage. It might seem like a lot of steps to remember but once you have done this a few times you can click through the process in a few minutes or less. Well done, now go and find some other pages you want to edit on your website.