Using a hyperlink to link from one page to another is a cool thing. It will allow your website visitor to quickly jump to a page where you can separately discuss a specific thing. Now, what if you want people to send you an email from your web page, you can use the mailto: command. Then, when your readers click on the link, an email client opens up to allow them to send you email.

In this tutorial we will use an online tool called “mailto Code Generator Tool“. You can see it here: This mailto code generator will help you generate codes without the hassle of thinking the exact codes. All you need to do is add the required information into the input fields / text boxes. There is an explanation for each field to the right of the input fields in case you are not sure what to enter. Please note that CC, BCC and Body are optional fields, meaning you can leave them blank if you wish. On this tutorial we will just simply guide you on the basics of using this tool. And here we go:

1. Go to, and type the needed information. In this tutorial we will only use “To:” and “Subject” fields. After typing them, click on “Create HTML” button“.

2. It will generate the mailto code in the box that says “Here is your mailto URL or HTML“. Change the “link Text” to something else like “Ask a question“, then copy the entire code.

3. Now we will go to the page where we want to place the code. Using the Visual Composer  we will use two different elements:

Raw HTML element:

<a href="">Ask a question</a>

Button element:

Note that in the Button element we only need the mailto URL, you can see this between the quotes <a href=”mailto:..” The Raw HTML on the other hand uses the entire HTML codes.

4. View your site online and test the two buttons.

Please watch the video tutorial below on how to create custom mailto link: