The basic idea behind good web design is to partition your web page into various sections and columns to give it a professional allure and to make it more user friendly. Creating columns in a page of a website is one of the techniques in helping you organizing the layout of your page. Here is an easy tutorial on how to put columns with Visual Composer:

1. Login to your WP Dashboard and go to Pages > Add New. Or you can go to your existing page. However, on this tutorial, we will use a new page.

2. Write a title of your page and click on Add Element

3. Click Row to add a row,  then select 1/3 1/3 1/3 for now.

4. You should see now the 3 gray boxes with + buttons at the middle.

5. To insert content into it, click on the + button and choose Text Block.

6. You can now type your text and do some text alignment whenever needed. Then save it.

7. You also need to choose Full Width layout to display your columns in full page. You can find this below the editor window under Canvas Custom Settings.

8. Save it and your expected output should be like this:

Here is a short video tutorial on how to put columns into your page.