Why would you want to update your website?

Are you wondering what benefit there is in updating your website? What is Google looking for and is your website a useful part of the internet? Gordon and Jeremy discuss this and more, listen in for an over-the-shoulder look at the ideas behind expanding on the existing pages of a website.

Gordon Heap and Jeremy Dawes are working on improvements to the Ambassador Locksmiths (Newcastle) website. Gordon is a locksmith in Newcastle and we are going to follow the process of adding new photos and information to the Ambassador Locksmiths website.

A guide for WordPress website owners

The experience that Gordon has at the start of this process is quite limited but he is keen to learn and to get more out of his website and internet marketing. Join Gordon and Jeremy through the hands on practical experience of improving the website for a small local business in Newcastle.

In this first session Jeremy shares general principles on content creation and how adding information to the website will be helpful in improving the positioning of the website in Google be being a more valuable and interesting part of the web.

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WordPress, Google and Content

Watch as Gordon and Jeremy login to the Ambassador Locksmiths website and and explore the WordPress dashboard. See where new pages are made and how to add extra text to an existing web page.

Adding pages with the classic WordPress editor

Find out how to add images in rows like you might for a row of supplier or client logos. Jeremy and Gordon look at some of the difficulties in using images that are irregular proportions and how to crop an image in WordPress.

Adding images in rows and columns using Visual Composer