Adding a photo to your website using Visual Composer

Step 1 Login to your WP Dashboard
Step 2 On the side bar, click Pages, choose the page the photo is go onto
Step 3 On the Visual Composer bar, click Add Element > single image

Step 4 Click on green plus (+) sign on the Edit Single Image page to select a file from media library

Step 5 We will be uploading a new image from the computer. In the Set Image page, click on Upload Files > Select Files. Select the desired image file from your computer. Please note that maximum file size is 50MB

Step 6 Select the uploaded image from Media Library tab then click Set Image. You will be prompted to the Edit Single Image page

Step 7 Under Image Size, set the desired size. We will use medium in this tutorial

Step 8 Under Image Alignment, select the preferred alignment. In this case, we will use Align Center. Note: Please tick the Link to large image check box to allow visitors to check the large version of the image.

Step 9 Click on Save once all the desired settings have been set.

Step 10 You can now click on Publish button to view the newly added photo online