Adding pages to a website menu of your WordPress site is pretty straight forward. Please note that by default, WordPress will populate all the pages that you created in the menu bar. So it would be good to organize them the way you like those pages to appear. Here is a tutorial on how to do so:

Step 1 Login to your WordPress control panel

Step 2 In the sidebar, click Pages

Step 3 In this tutorial, we have 3 test pages. Test Home, Test About and Test Contact us.

Step 4 We will create a new menu. In the side bar, go to Appearance > Menus

Step 5 Click create a new menu

Step 6 Enter the Menu Name. In this case, we will name it Test Menu. Click Create Menu

Step 7 On the Select a menu to edit dropdown, click select Test Menu then click Select.

Step 8 We will now add the 3 test pages on the Test Menu. Tick the checkbox of the pages Test
Home, Test About and Test Contact Us. Click Add to Menu

Step 9 You should now see the 3 pages under Menu Structure. Click Save Menu

Step 10 Click Manage Locations tab and select Test Menu from the Primary Menu dropdown. This will allow you to make the newly created menu as Primary Menu. click Save Changes.

Step 11 View your site online and you should already see the new Test Menu.

Note: By default the home button is pointing to the post page. If you want to use your own page for FrontPage. Then you need to go to Settings > Reading and set your FrontPage to Home (this is the page you created) and posts page to your Blog page.

Here is the video tutorial on how to do this: