Adding your business details to Gumtree’s business directory is a good way of getting some more enquiries.

  • It does seem that Gumtree gets a reasonable amount of people visiting the pages.
  • Gumtree popularity appears to be increasing with more people using it more often.
  • Listing cost is initially free and lasts 45 days.
  • Gumtree pages do show up in Google search results occasionally.
  • It’s pretty easy to create a business listing on Gumtree and takes about 10min to complete.

So, now that you know it’s worth doing lets see how we setup a business listing on Gumtree.

First, head to to post an ad.

Post an ad on Gumtree

Select Business Services, Category, Sub category, I'm offering a service

Enter your business name, slogan and add a logo

Here is a sample square photoshop logo file: download the zip and extract.

Add 5 areas of expertise or benefits and as much description text as you like

Add up to 10 photos

City / address and opening hours details

Contact information name, email, phone, website

Post the ad

If not already registered then do so

Check email to validate listing

Add listing approved

Login to check or edit ad

Add summary

Example of add listing in search results

Example of add listing in search results

The example above was for the promotion of Ceramex for tiling in Newcastle, so that people can more easily find the services listed via Gumtree.