Do you have other email account and you want to use it with hotmail? Jezweb will guide you on how to setup your domain email with hotmail so you can send and receive in hotmail as if you are using your actual domain email address

hotmail/outlook account
other email account

Step 1 Login to your hotmail account

Step 2 Click gear icon > Options

Step 3 In the Options page, click Your email accounts

Step 4 In this tutorial, we will use other email to send and receive from hotmail. Click Add a send-and-receive account

Step 5 Enter your desired name and enter the email address and password that you would like to use with hotmail. Click Next

Step 6 When you receive an email on the other account, you can specify the name of the folder in your hotmail mailbox so you can easily identify it. Enter your desired folder name and click Save

Step 7 You will get a confirmation message that your email has been added. Click Go to your Inbox

Step 8 Click New and notice that you can already send an email using other email account. In this case, a gmail account.