This is possibly one of the most frequently asked questions and mysteries of the digital age.

While there is no definitive answer, lots of factors come together to provide you the internet that we’ve all come to love and need in our daily life.

Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity)

The factors listed below are relevant to ADSL (fixed line, over the phone line) Internet. They DO NOT apply to Wireless connections, however most Wi-Fi connections come from an ADSL router, which these factors play a major part in the speed of the Wi-Fi, not just your signal or proximity to the Wi-Fi router.

The following play a part in ADSL speeds

1) Your computer speed
2) The connection between computer and router (wired / wireless)
3) The type of cable between router and computer (USB / Ethernet)
4) The length of cable between router and computer
5) The router itself, it’s features and age.
6) The length of cable from router to wall.
7) The type of cable from router to wall & it’s quality
8) The type of filter/splitter (Line or Central, ADSL or ADSL2+)
9) Other devices on line (Pay TV, Alarm, Other Phones, Fax)
10) The house wiring (Length, quality, age)
11) The wire from house to pit in street (Length, quality, age)
12) The wire from street to the exchange (Length, quality, age)
13) The distance from exchange
14) The sound dB (decibels) on line (A.K.A interference, various causes, usually high voltage cables intersecting the line)
15) The backhaul speed and Connections (Bandwidth, number of devices connected locally & at the exchange)
16) Where the server you are accessing is
17) The size of ping to server (How long it takes for a ‘packet’ of data to travel from you to the end sever and back again, measured in milliseconds)
18) The cable link between Australia and the world
19) TCP tuning on your PC
20) TCP tuning on the server
21) Immediate 10% overhead on ATM protocol that runs on ADSL


While most of the factors listed above play major parts, the last 4 factors are difficult to explain in simple terms. #18 varies day to day, #19 is rarely a factor, #20 might be impossible to change, and #21 is a constant standard for ADSL.

If you have any questions feel free to phone 02 4950 1140 to find out more. You can also phone your internet provider if you feel that all of the above factors aren’t an issue, or you have concerns about one or more of them.