Squarespace have been spending a lot on podcast sponsorships and their software development to get better known. There are some innovative and interesting aspects to their service like the connection between website and mobile app that will appeal particularly to creative people.

As I was reviewing the demo of Squarespace my mindset was of how it held up against what we can do with WordPress, how flexible it was in the creation of the website style, ease of use for an end user and whether there was a convincing reason to consider using it for a project rather than an opensource cms like WordPress.

My end conclusion was that it really wouldn’t provide we would want in a website builder even though it is quite attractively designed and slick. I am biased against lock in proprietary systems and prefer the flexibility and portability of the WordPress cms but I do like aspects of the Squarespace interface and style even though I don’t plan on using it.

The following secreen video captures are first hand impressions of the Squarespace system.

First Impressions an Introduction to Squarespace

Basic Information in Squarespace

Other Squarespace Settings

Editing a Squarespace Homepage

Squarespace Contact Page

Considering Squarespace as a Web Designer