Do you want to add attractive share buttons on your WordPress site? You can use Shareaholic plugin to do that.

Pre-requisite: Shareaholic account

Step 1 Login to your WordPress control panel

Step 2 Go to Plugins > Add New

Step 3 In the search box, type shareaholic then click Search Plugins

Step 4 Look for Shareaholic | share buttons & related posts and click
Install Now. Click OK when prompted with the confirmation dialog window

Step 5 You will see a successful installation message. Click Activate Plugin to
use the plugin on your site.

Step 6 You should now see a Shareaholic link on the header of your page.
You can also see it on the sidebar. In this tutorial, we will use the one
at the header. Hover your mouse pointer to Shareaholic then click App Manager

Step 7 Click Unlock more features, for free button to add your WordPress domain in your Shareholic account. You will be redirected to Shareaholic login

Step 8 Login to your Shareaholic account. Go to Site Tools > Add Website.
Step 9 Paste your domain name under domain text box in the format of You can also set an indentifier for your site as
well as the platform, content category and content language. Click
Continue to save the changes.

Step 10 Under Site Tools, look for your domain name. Enable the Floated
Share Buttons by ticking the circle beside it.

Step 11 Go back to your WordPress site and you should see the Floating
Share Buttons on the side of your page.