First, signup for dropbox from your computer if you do not already have a dropbox account.

If you use that link you will get an extra 500mb for free (2.5GB total) which should be fine for most purposes and hold hundreds or thousands of photos.

Installing dropbox on your computer

Once you have an account you will be prompted to install dropbox on your computer and there is a short explanation of how it works and how to use it.

If you succeed you will find that there is a new folder on your computer called ‘dropbox’ and whatever you put into that will be saved onto the internet in your own dropbox folder.

Sharing a folder in dropbox

Go back to the website and login if you haven’t already with your email and password.

Find the ‘camera uploads’ folder, if you can’t find it make one.

Click to go into that folder, at the top of the page of that folder you will see a little blue folder with a rainbow on it.

The popup window is offering to let you ‘invite collaborators’ and now you want to add the email address of the person you want to share files with.

For example, if you wanted to share a folder with Jeremy at Jezweb then you could put in my email address – but put in the email address of the person you want to share files with.

Then click on the share folder button.

That will trigger a request for the person you are sharing the folder with to see your shared files.

Dropbox iPhone app

Next up is going to the app store on your iphone or ipad so that you can install dropbox on there.

Search for “dropbox” in the app store

Assuming you haven’t already installed it you will view the App and then click install, put in your itunes password and it will do the usual install process.

Once its complete the dropbox icon will show up on the screen of your phone somewhere. Maybe move it to the home screen or somewhere easy to find.

Using dropbox on your iphone

When you open dropbox for the first time there will be a couple of folders, go into the “camera uploads” folder, if you cant find one then click on the “+” sign at the top and make one.

Now you can easily upload photos to your dropbox, you click on the “+” and then press whichever photos you want to upload and press upload.

It is best if you connect to a fast wifi internet connection if you are doing a lot of photos.

Once the uploads are done then you will have the photos on dropbox and the person you shared them with will have access to them too.

That’s it, you will probably want to let the person know you uploaded new files for them because the notification when files are added is pretty subtle and quickly disappears from screen.

In future that will be all you need to do when you want your web designer to have access to your shared photos (or videos) on dropbox.