Do you have a WordPress theme in your local computer and prefer to install it via FTP? Jezweb has prepared a step by step guide on how to do it. Please note that this method is only advisable to advance users due to the risk of deleting or modifying other files in your WordPress directory. If done incorrectly, it may bring your site offline.

FTP hostname,username and password
Filezilla or any other preferred FTP client.

Jezweb or the team is not connected in any way to Filezilla. We just use it to show the steps in this tutorial.

Step 1 Launch Filezilla and enter host,username and password then click Quickconnect

Step 2 In the remote site, go to /rootdirectory/web/content/wp-content/themes. In this tutorial we use as the rootdirectory, hence we will go to /

Step 3 In the local site, locate the folder where you saved the theme. In this tutorial, we will use the Canvas theme saved in the desktop.

Step 4 Right click on the Canvas folder in the local site and click Upload.

Step 5 You have just uploaded the new theme in WordPress. Login to WordPress control panel

Step 6 Go to Appearance > Themes

Step 7 Move the mouse pointer to the Canvas theme. The Activate and Live Preview button will appear. Click Activate

Step 8 Go to your online site and see the newly activated theme.