What is SNAP?

Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP) is a WordPress plugin that give you an ability to automatically re-post your posts or announcements of your posts to your Google+.


You can save your time and reach all your friends and followers using SNAP. Just write the post and plugin will do the rest. Once you click “Publish” button your post or announcement of your post will go to your Google+.

Note : Please follow the steps on how to do it.

Step 1

Go to Plugins > Add New


Step 2

Search “NextScripts” in the search box > Click Search Plugins


Step 3

Click Install Now


Step 4

Click Activate Plugin


Step 5

Click Settings > {SNAP} Social Networks Auto Poster


Step 6

Click green “Add new account” button


Step 7

select “Google+” from the list.

Google+ don’t have a built-in API for automated posts yet. You need to get a special library module to be able to publish to Google+.

SNAP can autopost to your profile, business pages and communities.

Fill Google+ Login and Password.

If you are posing to your profile, then you are done. Do not fill the next two fields. If you are using Business Page Manager account you are done as well. Business page acts like profile for Business Page Manager accounts.

***[Optional] (For Google+ business pages only] Fill the ID of your page. You can get this ID from your page’s URL. If your URL is https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/117008619877691455570/ – your ID is 117008619877691455570. Leave Empty to publish to your profile or community. Also please leave empty if you are publishing to business page and using a special “page admin” account (like myPageAdminID@pages.plusgoogle.com).

[Important] If you already got the non-numeric custom URL from Google (like +NextScripts), you can’t use it as your Page ID. Please see here how to get the numeric pageID.

Please note that if your URL shown as https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/117008619877691455570/117008619877691455570/posts your ID is still 117008619877691455570, don’t enter the number twice.

***[Optional] (For Google Communities Only] Fill the Community ID of your page. You can get this ID from your page’s URL. For example if URL of your Community is https://plus.google.com/communities/100396001601096060160 your Page ID is: 100396001601096060160. Leave Empty to publish to your profile or page.

Your Google+ is ready to use.



Troubleshooting FAQ:

Question: I’ve setup my Google account, but when I click the test button I get a message “Your username/password incorrect” or “You are not authorized to publish to this page”. I am 100% sure I have correct Username and Password and I can post to that page.

Answer: Your Google Plus account might be locked for the new apps.


1. Temporary Unlock your Google account for new apps:

– Login to your Google+ account from the browser and go to the https://www.google.com/accounts/UnlockCaptcha
– You will see page asking you to “Allow a new application to access your account”. Click “Continue”.
– You will get a message that you have 10 minutes to connect your application.

2. Go to the WP Admin Panel->Settings->Social Networks AutoPoster. Setup your Google+ settings.

3. Click “Submit Test Post to Google+” button.