Creating a Profile on

1. If you haven’t already registered a free disqus account go to and do that

2. Add your website name and domain as a new disqus site profile from the disqus settings page:

3. Select the WordPress icon from the disqus Choose your platform page

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, we will return to this page later but now we need to configure WordPress

Setting up disqus on your WordPress site

5. From the plugins page search for the disqus plugin, install and activate it

6. Select the disqus option from the comments menu in WordPress

7. Enter your disqus username and password and press next

8. Select your sites disqus profile from the list and press next

9. That completes the configuration of WordPress. If you have a blog with comments on it you want to transfer into discuss then follow the steps for that on the screen. That’s it, well done.