Here is a tutorial on how to add a Facebook button into our website.

1. Find a Facebook image button from Google image. Just type the keyword “like us on facebook”. In this tutorial we will use the image button below.

3. Go to the page / post where you want to place the button and add that image. Since we are using Text Block, then we need to open it and add the image from there. Click on the pencil edit icon > Add Media > Upload Files then upload the image.

4. Once the image is uploaded, click on that image then click on the chain icon

5. Go to your Facebook fan page and copy the URL address. In this example, we will use the Jezweb’s Facebook fan page.

6. Paste the URL address and click Add Link.

Note: It is advisable to check the option ” Open link in a new window/tab”. This will prevent your visitor from leaving your site instead it will open the fan page on a new tab.

7. Save and Publish then test the button on the live website.

Here is a video tutorial on how to do it quickly: