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How to use Simple Slider in Visual Composer

Simple slider is an add-on extension to Visual Composer. This will allow you to add an image slider in your Wordpress site in an easy way. Please check this link to see the sample output of this add-on. We created a simple tutorial for our Jezweb clients on how to use this plugin. See below. 1. [...]
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How to edit text in Visual Composer

In this tutorial we will try to edit the text in the homepage as shown below. 1. Login to your WP admin and open the page / post that you want to edit. 2. In Visual Composer mode, point your mouse to the text area and click on the Edit Text Block pencil icon. 3. [...]
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Copy the contents of one page to another

Using the templates in Visual Composer it is possible to save a copy of a page and then place that into any other page. Open and edit the page you want to replicate Select Templates, Save current page as a template Enter a name for the template Add a new page or open an existing [...]
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Column background colours using CSS

Visual Composer now includes design controls for selecting colours for the columns and rows and text boxes so that you don't have to use css to achieve much of what is outlined below. Giving a column in Visual Composer (by WP Bakery) is not quite a point and click option in the latest version (as [...]
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Visual Composer vs Classic Editor

Once you are editing a page in Visual Composer mode it is unwise to switch to the Classic Editor. If you do switch and make changes to the page then you are likely going to break the Visual Composer shortcodes and then the entire page will turn into a useless mess of code. To show [...]
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Introduction to Visual Composer

Let's look at how a standard WordPress page layout differs to one that is constructed with the Visual Composer. Web page text is designed to flow around embedded images. If we want to have more interesting page layouts with columns and rows of text, images, buttons, boxes and videos then we can use the Visual [...]
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