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Mark website enquiries as important and never to be sent to spam

Sometimes the lack of detail or the wording and other factors in enquiries from your website can make it end up in spam, gmail seems particularly guilty of this. Here is a filter that you can put in place to ensure that website enquiries always end up in your main important emails. Search for emails […]

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Gravity Forms Extensions

These are plugins that add extra functionality to Gravity Forms which are not in the official Gravity Forms extensions. Gravity Forms WYSIWYG This plugin adds a new form element of WYSIWYG which means that you can insert text boxes in a form that will give the person entering their text controls for bold, italics and [...]
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Gravity Forms Spam Filtering

Enable the anti-spam honeypot Checking this option will enable the honeypot spam protection technique, which is an alternative to the reCAPTCHA field. Once activated, the honeypot spam protection technique will function automatically without any user interaction.
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Bright Yellow Submit Buttons

The default submit buttons for gravity forms are pretty boring whilst it is possible to theme them with some stylesheet settings if you need a quick button for a form and don't feel like doing any coding then you can save one of these buttons, they are png files with transparent backgrounds so your page [...]
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