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Google+ – Social Networks Auto-Poster for WordPress

What is SNAP? Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP) is a WordPress plugin that give you an ability to automatically re-post your posts or announcements of your posts to your Google+. Why SNAP? You can save your time and reach all your friends and followers using SNAP. Just write the post and plugin will do the rest. Once [...]
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Google Review request popup window

How to get your Google Review Popup box to automatically show with a direct link This will save time giving instructions to people that you want to leave a review on your Google+ page. Here is the google review popup link for Holts Prestige Gardens And this is the review link for Jezweb [...]
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What Google thinks about paid links

Matt Cutts is the head of Google's web spam team and an authoritative source on all things search engine optimisation (SEO) and what Google allows and what it will slap a website for. The criteria that Google uses when it decides whether a link is paid or not. Roughly, here are some of the important [...]
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