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Google Review request popup window

How to get your Google Review Popup box to automatically show with a direct link This will save time giving instructions to people that you want to leave a review on your Google+ page. Here is the google review popup link for Holts Prestige Gardens And this is the review link for Jezweb [...]
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How citations affect Google Plus Local business results

The good news is, as a small business owner, you have set up your Google Places for Business. A Places listing all by itself can easily rank first in Google Places search results, if it does not have any competition—that was the bad news. What makes Google Places tick so you can get that almighty [...]
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Google Plus Local so nearby clients find you

Google+ Local pages for businesses are an excellent marketing tool. Formerly Google Places, Google+ pages for businesses are an infusion of search and social media. That is, Google+ Local pages are integrated in the social media platform (Google+) as well as the Google search engine results. How to find Google+ pages that are already setup Any businesses [...]
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