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ActiveCampaign vs Infusionsoft

I was excited and enthusiastic about email marketing automation and sure that Infusionsoft was going to save me time while resulting in an improved frequency and purpose in email marketing. Infusionsoft is seen as a leader in marketing automation and whilst the consensus seems to be that it is hard to get setup that the [...]
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Filter a list by tags and actions for an email campaign

You can filter list in  ActiveCampaign by looks various conditions so for example in my have tagged people in the contacts list tagged with a certain keyword then you can filter people who have don't have that keyword to send an e-mail to. Alternatively you might filter list according to whether someone has clicked on [...]
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Sending businesses email that complies with the Australian spam laws

Everyday there are emails to me from companies locally and abroad pitching their services and I often wonder how the Australian companies in particular decide that they are not contravening the Australian spam laws. Overseas companies can do pretty much whatever they like. There are no substantial ways for the Australian regulators to stop them [...]
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